Posted: September 28, 2011 in The Brotherhood
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Welcome To the Brotherhood Of Baphomet

We are Known as the Brotherhood, we are a group of alpha males that gather for intense and dark sexual rituals. Imagine a black mass only with all naked guys standing around an altar, having sex, worshiping cock and muscle. Imagine calling forth any and all dark forces to enter them and give them more power, more growth, more cock, more muscle, more sex, more power.

A secret brotherhood where there is no guilt, no judgment—only family… The family that will never turn its back on you no matter how twisted or perverted you might be… A family that will bond with you, in alpha male settings. One where you will feel free to lust, enjoy pleasures of the flesh, hedonistic worship and power.

As the sacred chalice of power is passed around during our rituals, all will drink of the essence of man. His seed and fluids will spill through our veins and total power and freedom will be ours.

 We owe allegiance to no one, nor do we seek acceptance from any other existing Satanist Organization or persons that claim to be Satanists. Our very roots are Ancient in origin returning back to the early dark Pagan Demon Worshipping Cultures. We believe in Satan as a very real entity and we are in the mainstream Generational, and most Traditional by nature.

Many of the past as well as our present hierarchy are also members of other known Secret Societies and we are in no way wanting to be public about our identities or our private and secretive activities unless we have been authorized as spokespeople that network to bring us to the world for the many looking and seeking to find us. We demand respect of ourselves, other Brotherhood members, and the  Council which oversees the activities of the Brotherhood as it always has since the beginning of time.

  The Brotherhood of Baphomet  is made up of those most dedicated to Satan and those that truly hold the Wisdom of Satan within their Souls. We are those that know how to keep Secrets entrusted to us. We are also those who know to use the concepts and the principles of Brotherhood between one another. We accept one another with mutual values of respect and understanding knowing that everyone has the Satanic given Right to express themselves. This mutual understanding and respect is what shall bind us eternally as The Brotherhood formed in Wisdom and in Strength. Knowledge used with Wisdom is the Way of the Brotherhood, this is our Way and it is the Way to Power!